A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Welcome to Idle Population game! An idle/clicker game made by a beginner programmer. Nothing too much to explain if you know what an idle game is. Basically you click anywhere on the screen to increase your population. You can buy click and idle upgrades to increase production. Of course there is more to do. Anyways, hope you enjoy and don't forget to rate the game and leave comments!


Sorry for not having the offline progress feature done yet.

*In-game tutorial coming soon.*

Install instructions


1. Install itch.io and create an account or log in.

2. Search Idle Population.

3. Install and play it there.


1. Unzip the file. (IGNORE THE _MACOSX FOLDER IF ON WINDOWS, DELETE WITH RISK, I have no idea why this showed and what will happen if you delete, probably nothing and it probably is there because the zip file was compressed on my mac.)

2. Open the Idle Population folder.

3. Read the "README" text document.

4. Open the Idle Population app or .exe and ignore if an anti-virus gets activated, it's a unity bug. If on windows and the pop-up "Windows Defender saved your computer" pop-up occurs, press more info and click "Run Anyways".

5. If for some reason progress is saved in the app, go to menu > full restart (this shouldn't happen).

6. Report bugs at nightstormyt@gmail.com


Idle Population.zip 27 MB
Idle Population.zip 32 MB

Development log