New Planet Coming Soon. v.0.0.11

Oh, a new planet! Acidia! Pretty fancy name huh ;)? 

Anyways, this planetsis very special compared to Earth and Mars. I will be introducing boosts! They are permannent upgrades that help increase production. This will be implemented on all planets later on, but this feature will be first tested on Acidia. This means the useless generators will be removed... 


Anyways, planet should be done by this weekend so prepare an update! Will be doing tests before uploading just incase anything messes up with your progress *phew*.

Extra Features: 

- Sound Settings: FINALLY! You can disable or enable all sounds, since the only sounds are the background music.

- Possible new UI for buttons.

- Boosts

- Universe Upgrades

- *Universe Resources!*

Make sure to follow for more updates! Comment for ideas, and make sure to rate the game!

Thanks for playing, and never stop exploring!


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Sep 18, 2017
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Sep 18, 2017

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