New in Idle Population v0.2

Here are the things that have been changed, added, removed, or fixed.


- Added Acidia
- Added some starter test boosts for Acidia (coming soon for mars and earth)
- New Resolutions
- Sound Settings!


- Fixed Prices.
- Fixed loading bugs.
- Fixed major bug fixes with the Universe Map.
- Fixed prices starting at 0.
- Fixed


- Loading Screen
- Colors
- And more.


- Alpha Upgrades (for fixes)
- Generators
- Research
- Shop

Coming Soon in Early Access v0.3 or later

- Full Restart Confirmation
- The Moon
- Others Planets/Stars
- Galaxies for the planets/stars
- Minimap for the Universe
- Universe Upgrades
- UI Change?
- Events?
- Offline Progress
- Tournaments
- Leaderboard
- Points for Universe (based on population)
- More Settings

Email for bugs and suggestions:


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